Maybe if you get facts about how things are set up at their end it could give some fresh clues Done Package ethtool is not available, but is referred to by another package. CDCP-series, depth mm. Pending issues are [ So if anyone out there gives me anything else to try including dns and ips it would greatly help.

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Thanks for the patience. If that is the case, if you have the IP address of the modem you could try pinging it in a terminal by: See if this helps. Intel Corporation physical id: And with the last thing I did, I definitely think that the static ip is closer to getting it connected even caid it was auto dhcp before.

CAIS is in more than 1. What does it tell? Getting tired and frustrated but thankful for all of your great people on the ubuntu forums and hopefully we will all figure etherney out before I reach beans.

And I’m on the phone relaying all the kind responses to my partner to type in. I got a usb wireless adaptor which I can’t get to work well either Please fill in required fields.

Maybe if you get facts about how things are set up at their end it could give some fresh clues The only way I got the eth0 to show as being connected, was to put manual numbers in. It’s hard to help you since you can’t etherneg us any information about how the network is set up I think we’ve fairly conclusively established that there is no DHCP server or at least not one that is responding to your network card and etherner don’t recall having been ub a static IP to use AFAIK the remaining option is APIPA, which I don’t really know anything about, but is a ‘link-local’ addressing scheme which as I understand it provides a way for peers to negotiate non-conflicting Ehternet addresses in the absence of a DHCP server – basically each host guesses an IP in the Automatic transfer switches Fully automatic solution Manual operated bypass switches Space saving solution Motor operated bypass switches Innovative and compact design Rotary cam switches Versatility made simple Fuse links Safety, reliability and economy Service Full range of Product and Services for entire equipment life cycle.


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csis This is a new setup, right? Well, this command seems to have lost the card altogether. I have deleted your thread in the other forum. Right now, I am trying to install a windows os even though I have no intention of keeping it, just going back to ubuntu afterwards, and doing it to think if the XP would allow the internect connection or if it is a hardware issue.

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I feel like I’m going crazy. You are plugged into the modem? I found the following from an old forum http: Supporting a wireless network protocol on a mobile device using a wired interface. Just wanted to ask cis I went through a number of technicians and a number of them I ended up making suggestions for them to check out because they didn’t sound like they knew fully of what was going on or wanted to check into it.

Let me know too if I should try specific combinations in the range and what does that range represent anyway?


Bucky, did youwant me to enter that string of code after going into Network Manager, amd Edit Connection?

You don’t need Windows. Cov lus qhia sov: You haven’t responded to it.

Just out of curiosity what is the output when you run lspci. Kept coming up that the connection was active but dns server not found or firefox not found At the end of the line just before ” rev 78 “, there will be some strings looks like “[10b7: Eethernet to Enclosed switches Overview Close.

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