Also, the Stealth III S was launched on the very day that Diamond lauched its Viper V based on nVidia’s Riva TNT2 as well, however the difference in the pricing of the V and the S is about or so dollars, thereby making the S a bit more attractive than its more expensive counterparts. But there’s been a lot of discussion and testing done on best DOS card on these boards lately, and it seems that the best options are: I ran that combo for a good while but ultimately replaced it with a Hercules Geforce2MX card. I made sure the next one I bought was keyed specifically 5v. Because I stongly believe that benchmarks are useless numbers without comparison to others, I will be comparing the S to my Asus TNT not overclocked as well as the Canopus SpectraPE Rseults obtained from Vijay’s Review and give the S a good run for its money! The S3 Savage4 Pro performance is definitely described by the word lacklustre! The Stealth family from Diamond has chipsets used from many different manufacturers, for example S3, Rendition and Intel, quite unlike the Viper family which has all its chipsets drawn from one company namely nVidia.

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Diamond 28030530-001 Stealth III S540 AGP 32mb

The Stealth 3D would prove to be a member of a multiplying faction of “3D” accelerators of the time, iji actually barely resemble today’s wave of standard 3D accelerators in the least. In any case the default refresh rate for the S is At the very least, it can go in your collection with that nice box and completeness it’ll look good on the shelf. Other than those differences, the S is your run of the mill Savage4 board, however in order to establish any major differences let’s take a closer look at the card itself.


So you may run into some performance limitations that are actually video card related. Also, if you’re the type that likes to steakth old retail boxed hardware, that’s a pretty sweet looking package.

Unfortunately I have no idea when I would have a chance to go to Moscow again, otherwise I could buy them cheaper and ship to you. In my previous post I mentioned how hot they run, so I don’t expect them to last forever.

What are the rest of the specs of the system you are pairing it with, and what OS and games will you be running on it?

I guess this feature was meant for convenience, but since we all are so used to clicking the Start button, won’t it become redundant? I ran that combo for a good while but ultimately ioi it with a Hercules Geforce2MX card. I don’t know where the Savage 4 Pro’s 2D performance falls among the cards that clueless1 mentioned, diaomnd I think compatibility should be decent, if this chart is any indicator: This Product is provided courtesy of.

Diamond Stealth III S Savage4 Pro

This site hosts no abandonware. As mentioned earlier, I tried to overclock the card but PowerStrip refused to let me try speeds above Unlike the TNT2, most Savage4 board manufacturers will be shipping their products at the same time, but if you do happen to come across Diamond’s latest concoction, should you give ‘er a try? It seems like ages ago, a quickly growing company, Diamond Multimedia, released their first Stealth 3D graphics accelerator.

It appears that Diamond never offered their own official drivers for the card under that OS.

Following the Diamond tradition, the S comes in a huge box that bears an attractive cover design, it is also nice to know that Diamond actually hires a designer to design diamondd box, not getting their engineers to do the job, a fine tradition that is worth keeping. Board index All times are UTC.


Maybe its best to just forget the S and move on to any other good DOS card.

Diamond Stealth III S540 32mb VGA AGP Video Card S3 Savage 4 Pro Vintage

As where indicated PII would mean I’m overclocking my sgp to 5. The funny thing is after I purchased the second card Russian post found the package and are apparently continuing to deliver it to me. If you’re happy with the price on that Savage4, go for it. I looked at the list of video card compatibility for DOS and it seemed like a pretty solid card with overall great results and good VESA support.

General Definitely, the biggest flaw of this card is the lacklustre performance of the S3 Savage4 Pro chipset. These are the contents of the package: According to Vijay’s tests the Spectra manages As in to hot to touch.

I am currently searching for an S4pro PCI card to test in a p4 thinclient. Diamodn Windows 98 Build 4. I wonder if this is Diamond’s intepretation of saving paper???

Diamond Stealth III S 32mb VGA AGP Video Card S3 Savage 4 Pro Vintage | eBay

I think its one of the last good cards S3 put out as well. I’m not talking that weak stuff Voodoo uses on their 4’s and 5’s. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.