For most folks, however, outside of graphics designers, computer programmers, and financial traders, multiple monitor setups remain a dream due to the cost and complexity involved. Let’s take a look. The just-released MaxiVista v4 addresses this major limitation, and is compatible with standard graphics drivers for and bit Windows Vista, or for that matter, Windows 7. If you’re using a software firewall, you may need to configure it to allow MaxiVista access to the network. Find a Network Term.

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What this means is that every morning I put my Tablet PC next to my desktop’s screen, rotate the keyboard out of the way… and suddenly I can drag windows from my desktop screen onto my laptop screen.

It has a x screen, and I found out that it scaled perfectly with my desktop. maxivistw

The problem with MaxiVista… – Jonathan Hardwick

Now, few enthusiasts bother to buy an LCD display if it measures fewer than 20″. Watch the video for the full effect! It reports “TV and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 64 Maxivistz of video RAM. Back when PCI was the go-to interface for graphics cards, home users looking for a second display had to arm their machine with an additional graphics card.

MaxiVista: Enabling An Extra Monitor Over Your Network

In addition to using the secondary display as an extended screen, you can also switch to mirror mode, which duplicates the primary display onto the secondary one.


September 11, at 3: Updating this tiny part of the screen increased the network activity to between 60 and Kbps. Windows 7 Maxifista is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. Well, what if I told you that if you have another computer positioned close to your main Windows 7 system, you fiind easily set up multiple-monitor configurations nt nothing more than a network connection?

The reason to do this in that order is that quitting server A also shuts down server B. By contrast, Apple’s QuickTime player ran equally well on both. Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer.

Add a second monitor to Windows the easy way with MaxiVista

A demo version of MaxiVista Standard is available for a day trial period or 50 program launches. Check out the comparison page for features and pricing information of the various versions. How does this work if the second machine also has a second monitor attached? It is still the best multi-monitor solution if you want to actually control two PCs, however, so I want it to work really badly.

Then I dragged “Bitmeter2,” a simple, free application that I use to monitor broadband usageto the second screen. Some tthe want to, since it using it overwrites anything already in the system’s clipboard. Many users have already invested in one, possibly big, monitor to use as their primary and only display screen.

Amateur photographers, for example, may benefit from a large display surface by dragging the toolbar of the image editing program onto the second monitor. January 21, at Inside the Raspberry Pi: Then a couple of clicks of MaxiVista’s tray icon on the primary PC supplemented its x LCD display with an extended desktop at the native resolution of the secondary PC’s inch display, which in our case was x The viewer does not require installation. When you do, you’ll encounter a prompt cluld your Firewall program thd if it is OK to allow MaxiVista to communicate on your network.


Server Start-Up Page 4: However it will not connect. The only way to bypass this restriction is to downgrade your physical graphics card’s native Vista drivers with older XP-compatible ones.

Aside from the Windows Media Player issue, we did encounter a finc other annoyances while using MaxiVista.

My fingers are just tired. But the innovative program had an Achilles heel in its lack of support for native Vista graphics drivers, which meant that the only way to extend the desktop of a Vista system was to burden it with antiquated XP drivers. Now, Bartels Media encourages you ths start with the free Demo version before purchasing the full version in order to make sure that MaxiVista performs as expected in your system environment.

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These computers must be connected through a network.