This is very quiet and gets only obvious in very silent environments. Systems with dual core processors can handle multiple processes at a time. Current power disturbances, infections or other computer problems can harm your Acer Extensa Driver. The clicking noise of the touch pad buttons is rather loud. An infected or missing driver may have induced this. Except of Bluetooth all important communication interfaces are provided by the Acer Extensa

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In mains operation the minimum brightness black value of 1.

Review Acer Extensa 5220-100508 (LX.E8706.016)

But, the 4-way scroll button enables to quickly browse through big documents. If you do not want to upgrade the RAM capacity immediately, you should at least reduce the number of memory resident programs. The surface structure of the touch pad has a good grip and feels nice to the touch.

The size of 7.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Speakers Many current notebooks do not have a good sound. The possible viewing angles are as expected.

Whoever has Acer Extensa needs to have contacted a predicament where nothing at all occurs after adding the aacer new os. Download and deploy drivers, pc software applications, firmware, and guides and get access to on line technical help resources and troubleshooting.


The touch pad also provides an unusual, but useful, 4-way scroll button, which enables you to quickly browse through long documents. Also the display frame appears to be solid, whereas it hardly creaks, if the opening angles is adjusted.

Download Acer Extensa Notebook Intel Display Driver for Windows XP

However, the X is definitely not sufficient for demanding 3D applications or current computer games. Do not forget to offer feedback on improvements to this blog. Two processor cores can share the work load. It is suited to those who wish to have a reasonable second notebook or a cheap desktop replacement for browsing the Internet and all office work.

Another mass storage device provided by the Extensa is an optical drive.

The sound of them is not really attracting, but, if the volume is not too high, it’s alright. The Acer Extensa proves to be user-friendly regarding surface temperature at the top and at the bottom side.

A webcam is not available. So, every key is where you are used to and there is no need to adapt to a changed layout first. Because of this, you may want to look up the listing of compatible os shown below right before downloading the Acer Extensa driver below that content. Loudness Although the fan of the Acer Extensa is nearly always audible, it does not neither annoy in idle mode nor under load, because it is a low frequency noise whereas the maximum noise level is However, the battery runtime of the Acer Extensa was not convincing.


Current power disturbances, infections or other computer problems can harm your Acer Extensa Driver. Often, your operating system can not be suitable for old drivers for notebook Acer Extensa Without doubt, working in pairs is superior and faster.

Acer Extensa 5220 Driver Download

Bevelled parts, contribute to the nice look of this office notebook, everything appears to be homogeneous. The power switch is green illuminated.

The hinges can be easily moved and every adjusted position is supported without problems. The input devices of the Extensa do not need to fear the competition with those of other, more expensive notebooks. Download the drivers you need in ” Ectensa ” Tab. One of the hot keys is even user configurable. The big maintenance cover of the Acer Extensa can be easily removed grsphics removing some screws Performance Comparison of Maxon’s Cinebench R