Craig, it doesn’t use native. So the workflow to “restore by media” is: You can update the firmware of the drive, and ensure the latest DDI drivers for 11d are being used. Data – compressed video and mp3. The agent is simply collecting meta data takes a few seconds so that Backup Exec can perform granular recoveries directly from storage at a point in the future – no mounting required. Green’s primary interests are information, investigation and technology. Multiplexing can reduce backup times when backing up data from non-solid state sources containing millions of small or highly fragmented files, which require very large amounts of head-seeking using traditional mechanical hard drives, and which significantly slow down the backup process.

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How to Set Up a Cleaning Job in Backup Exec | It Still Works

Sign up using Email and Password. I am on “server A”, I have a tape from “server B”. CASO ensures that everything throughout the network is protected by a single system that can be managed from one console [2] and also balances the workload across all Backup Exec servers in the environment.

Hello, here is result after many cleanings: If you turn off compression then you should get the native capacity.

In addition, Backup Exec’s family of agents and options offer features for scaling the Backup Exec environment and extending platform and feature support. But I know tapr have tapes made before such behavior started which have about GB of the same video data.

Each server runs the Backup Exec software and the services that control backup and restore operations of multiple clients. The important step that is easy to miss: Its earliest roots stretch back to the early s when Maynard Electronics wrote a bundle of software drivers to help sell their tape-drive products. Risk Mitigation and Compliance. Backup Exec does not have support for sending data streams from multiple parallel backup jobs to a single tape drive, which Veritas refers to as multiplexing.


So I am unable, so far, to choose the file to restore or even see the backup set the file resides in, even though the tape is in the drive, the drive has been cataloged, etc This issue applies whether or not I work with encrypted tapes.

The data may be from the local system or from a remote system. Backup Exec writes to the tape until the tape drive reports that it is full.

At least one tape both quite old overlapped native capasity and got positive compression ration. What I would recommend is if you have a newer cleaning media I would try to clean the drive 3 times to see if the debris will come off. Cybercrime is getting even.

If not, it’s an upgrade of your hardware and your software unfortunately: Additionally, Backup Exec installation media also has a Remote Administrator feature which can be installed on a remote computer or workstation to administer the Backup Exec server remotely. Craig, it doesn’t use native capacity – GB, i’m not dreaming about tpe.

Backups to the data blocks can be done in parallel, and each of the separate disk-based backup jobs are configured to duplicate and append to tape when completed.

Second is that on a deeper look into your drive I see that you have an issue with one of the write heads as it is clogged with debris. About the Author Mercedes T.


backupexec – Backup Exec How to restore file from tape made on other server? – Server Fault

So I am unable, so far, to choose the file to restore or even see the backup set the file resides in, even though yape tape is in the drive, the drive has been cataloged, etc. Based on the 2 pieces that you provided the stats on: I have no idea whether Dell has such stuff, but will try. As you see on the screenshot backup exec writes about GB to LTO-3 drive and than takes second tape.

I will reply later with results.

Backup Exec

Hello, here is result after. These delays accessing data can cause the backup availability window to be exceeded, when multiple servers with slow transfer rates are being backed up one after the other to the tape device.

A workaround to this is to install temporary disk storage in the backup server to use as a cache eexc the backup process. Green has written for various websites and is certified in computer forensics and network administration. See my article on this subject. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.