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Press F12 on your keyboard or double click the icon next to F12 on the screen to continue. Probably the PIN that seller have. Ensure that any internal Bluetooth devices are disabled. How to connect kts and laptop via bluetooth? Privacy settings allow you to enable or disable cookies. At this point you may select Yes, update automatically.

Enter the ID No. Bleutooth will be prompted by the software later in the installation process to insert the Archive disc. Double click the Docs folder.

Control unit diagnosis: KTS (DCU + KTS )

Only those modules subscribed to will function. Click the Radio Button to accept the license agreement and then Click Next Necessary cookies These cookies are necessary for the website. When the software update installation is complete you will be asked to restart your computer.


These cookies improve the quality of the statistic data that is used to further improve the website. When entering the ID. Process is now complete.

Click OK to continue. This is a necessary step, do not stop the download — let the process continue. If you wish to load the Archive bbluetooth to your hard drive, drag it from the left column to the right column at this time.

Just on top of all this steppenwolf. Allows connectivity to vehicles with 14 V and 28 V vehicle electrical systems Clear communication thanks to multiplexer and cable adaptor recognition: Lts 1 — Internet fastest 1. The Update — installation type window appears.

Bosch KTS Bluetooth USB Dongle for 540 and 570

The DVD you should use looks like the graphic below. Click New to Start the Bluetooth wireless configuration 9. To immediately access the release code without checking bozch, Click the Back button lower right corner and the release code will appear alongside the ID no. Please activate cookies and refresh your browser. Congratulations, you have successfully set up the wireless Bluetooth installation. Necessary cookies These cookies are necessary for the website. Without these cookies the bluetoorh will not work properly.


The Quick Start Guide will assist you in the initial setup and configuration to make sure that your initial experience will be as smooth as possible.

Bosch KTS 570 Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Tool

Click Accept and then OK to complete the installation. Comfort cookies These cookies offer additional functionality or make the website easier to use. Click Yes to start the Install process.

Confirm the appropriate settings are checked, as in the figure below and Click Continue. After the system reboots you should have the Bluetooth Manager Nluetooth displayed on your desktop. KTS Installation Guide!!!