Run anapplication that you know works correctly and print tobe sure. NAuto Carriage Height uses the onboard image sensor to precisely set the height of the printheads above the media andlevel the carriage. Is there any other way to connect the printer without videonet driver or are new generation videonet cards available for windows Immerse the bottom of the printhead only to the bottom ofthe label on the printhead as shown in the diagram. Press the B key.

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Configure PrinterConfigure Printer enables you to set many options that controlhow the printer operates. Page Printing Prime BarsMaintenance interval: Page If you need to print a new calibration pattern, press B Proceed.

Page Jet Status LinesThis option prints a test pattern that shows which jets are working, and which jets are out. Tell us about it.

Disconnect the ink tube from the ink reservoir. The following could be the problem: Refer to the print server RIP documentation for further instructions on connecting the printer to the print server. Colorspann the p key to advance the media past the front edge ofthe platen.


Press the B key to continue. Ambient temperature — the lower the ambient temperatureat any given relative humidity, the more effective the dryerwill be.

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NYour computer may not be working properly. Repeat steps 7 through 15 for each ink tube you want to fill. A printhead may be ultrasonically cleaned as needed to recoverclogged jets.

For other software-specific troubleshooting procedures, refer to yourapplication software documentation or the other ColorSpan documentation listed on page vi of this manual.

MenuThis menu tree reflects version 1. Remove the ink tray boxes, stand legs, colorapan accessory boxes,which are colorwpan together at the bottom of the pallet.

Workflow might be awkward though having to switch between the VM and the regular Win Mar 2, 4. The printer asks whether you want to print the media feedcalibration. Assembling the drain tube to the topof the drain bottle. Page 37 User AssistanceThe control panel provides various forms of online userassistance: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Software RIP requires a dongle. NChapter 3 shows you how to install ink and media. Unpacking andAssemblyThis procedure assumes that the printer is in its final location.


You perform this calibration when loadingmedia, if print quality is poor, or if prints requiring very accurate length for example, output that will be tiled are found tobe the wrong length. A menu provides access to less-frequentlyused functions and troubleshooting help.

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Page 17 Unpacking andAssemblyThis procedure assumes that the printer is in its final location. The printer prints a calibration page.

This is possible only if you register all printheadsin the printhead assembly to each other in both the X along thelength of the platen and Y along the length of the media directions. Go to question 2. The printheads mayneed to be purged of this air at least once during their lifetime. Are you sure you want to clearALL reported bad jets?

Page 15 NDO NOT install the printer near humidifiers, refrigerators,fans, water faucets, heaters or similar equipment.