KanG October 29th, at In fact, I don’t even use my old desktop box anymore at work and have dropped the other boxes I had at home. Patching the tool with the following does the trick:. If you have a Firewire iSight, do not expect you will be able to use it with an adapter. You are commenting using your Facebook dell e contacted smartcard.

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So, unfortunately, it seems you have permanently disabled it. Andy February 25th, at Roney May 9th, at You will need some kind of software that works with your reader and card.

Linux on Dell Latitude E

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov January 24th, at Considering there was nothing to do for the two first points, I decided to take a look at the initialization steps performed by openct for the additional features of the BCM Debian package source, version 0.

Anyway, the idea is to provide contadted Ethernet emulation for the device, i. Could You help me solve the problem be course Ee4300 could not find any solution on internet.

EXE seems to have solved the issue.

I just phoned up the Dell support hotline and they told me that my model simply does not have the contactless option installed. Did anybody found a solution for the: But when used in combination with the SmartCard Reader of the BCM, the delay can make it impossible to use for carc tasks using only the small previous patch. Patching the tool with the following does the trick:.


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This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 13th, at I just suceeded to read my passport via the embedded reader. I didnt find this soft on Broadcom website… any idea how to get it?

Problem with reading the CSN for layer 4 cards I guess. Did anyone find a solution for this so far? Check to see if there are any users forums on the PC manufacturers or device manufacturers websites. This utility takes 1 parameter, namely the operation mode of the Contactless Reader Radio: I had some problems first when I tried to install the Driver Pack for Vista This site uses cookies. This utility takes 1 parameter, namely the operation mode of the Contactless Reader Radio: It is recognised and works fine tested with a firewire drive using a simple 6 pin to 9 pin converter.

Don’t hesitate to send me a mail if you have questions or corrections, or if you want me to extend a specific section with your inputs. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Dell Latitude E4300 Service Manual: Smart Card; Removing The Smart Card

What cards did you test? Is there a little tool to check whether the antenna is working properly and the chip has been found? What specific cards is supported by the contacted smartcard reader? Saturday, January 16, 9: It is seen as a hub, with 2 attached devices: Some time ago, the procedure would have required the system to run some mouse oriented OS but, thanks to some efforts from Dell engineers, the procedure can now be performed from Linux too.


It is very conspicuous that I dont get a menu-point for the reader, there are only items for fingerprintreader and one for TPM status. At that point, we need to select the Internet Account to be used for the connection. I just purchased a blank Mifare 1k classic card to test out my reader, and I have it set up and working with the pre-boot authentication.

I still have problems with it. Because you might have selected a different hardware configuration for your E, here is the output of the lspci and lsusb under a 2.