Although, I would have been worried about the card actually fitting inside the case with the additional 1. I restarted in Safe Mode, disabled the onboard video in device manager and had no more problems. Followup regarding mod to the SC…. Had to reboot Vista after the new CPU was detected. I do not understand why it is written in the User Guide: Those close to the cut notch were not being pushed back enough. After hardening, the blade is tempered to remove stresses and make the blade tougher.

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I should have waited for an adapter… John Comment by John — March 16, They told me that they do not support any updates to there system that have not come from dell. Once people removed the extra notch regular x16 delk would fit and some even worked!

In fact, the whole article is good. It turns out just a compatibility issue. S Comment by neopran — August 9, 1: I was actually just fixin to try the same hack on my because I did it with success on a sc some time ago.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Before i go for the mod is there any PCI graphics cards that will work in this server? It booted right up with no problem.

Installing a Video card on a DELL PWREDGE SC Server – TechRepublic

When I tried to run 3Dmarkthen whole computer crashed so hard, that it did not viddo post anymore until I physically removed the video card from the slot! Comment by Sean — March 8, The info you all posted here made it a lot easier, thanks.

I got this for use as a test system I need to learn Vista and Ubuntu. BUT, if you run setup. Comment by Bobby — December 13, 1: Went like a charm.

If I had rell ahead and cut an old PCI card to create a slot protector, I would have saved myself that hassel and risk. I noticed in some fine print that you need XP with SP-2 possibly driver compatibility?

Dell SC and a Different Video Card | Blog DavTar

Thanks all for good advice given. Hi all — good read. Solved the NIC sc4440 problem…. Comment by rhvjr — December 15, 8: Have been reading all the postings. Trackback by utility knife blade — April 2, 3: I will try it someday, when the Dell SC is out of warranty!


In other words, Dell takes a loss on these fire sales to attract new business buyers.

This is a huge improvement over any PCI card scores were around I had to be very careful not to bend any pins that were next to the first notch.

Thanks — really helped me out. You just have to remember they are not toys nor….

Install Two Nvidia GeForce 210 in Dell SC440 to Setup 3 or 4 Displays

The card covers up one of the PCI slots also. Modifying the 8x slot requires cutting out dividers in the middle of the slot. Thanks for the help Andy Comment by Andy videl December 24, 9: Comment by david — December 30, 7: