Or you could put them anywhere else you want, just maker sure you put them in this kind of pattern. Money will help you in tough situations, like if you’re hungry, you could go to the bar and buy some juice. You get this item by going in his house hippie hut one day and you will get yet another cutscene. What I’ve noticed is that when crops go up one rank their selling price will go up by 10G. The eggs the chickens produce can be profitable sometimes, especially if you just started with a male and female and grew the rest.

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Its much faster and cheaper than cooking lots of things.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Or buy some ‘steroids’ from Van. I don’t really suggest using the ‘One-Million Dollars Per Season’ trick because it will really suck the fun out of trying hard to raise money and to finally enjoy having your hard-worked Milking Room! The fastest I ever got a sheep to give Golden Wool was thoughout one season! But if you actually want to find something, you could still keep on digging even if you dug in that square before. Legal Rights Copyright – Luis Jacob Mendez This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

You will get in when you walk into her house and she will say that she doesn’t know how to use it so she just gives it to you. You could also sell them to Van if you don’t want them, but if you want to rcon them, it’s always fine.


Anyways, to activate this event, just see her when she is in the kitchen of the inn. Downstream or spring fish. Some can even water the crops around that plant! Also, don’t forget to wash it’s wool! Dig as much as 1000gg want. I will continue this until Scon find something else to add. This trick is used when you just plainly plant a bunch of trees and when they all harvest just use the seed maker to get the seeds, later sell those seeds.

You get many choices in this game, you get 1000g choose your wife, your kid’s career, and how you want to live your life. But I suggest you always have one cow pregnant, and one cow giving milk, so once one cow will finish their milking limit, your other cow will give birth and start their 40 day limit.

Introducing Heroic Tavern Brawl! – Hearthstone

Money will help you in tough situations, like if you’re hungry, you could go to the bar and buy some juice. Goats produce milk for one year, and thats all, cant sell them, and is VERY hard to kill them. AKA the unfertilized field. You plant crops, take care ecpn animals, and live your life. Fish, some items found in dig site.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Digging Digging in the archeology place isn’t very profitable in the beginning, but in later chapters, that dig site will grow, and you will get more 1000h to dig although you could also dig as much as you want in the first chapter, since you could keep digging even if you didn’t ecoj the item in the first try.


Sell those S Crops too to get a fair amount of money. Tim Ruby’s husband What he likes: Introduction Harvest Moon is a simulation game where you are a farmer.

So think before you act! Crops Now we go on to 3.

I take it that you know how to fish, if not, use the handy Fishing FAQ. Good for meuniere set. The real secret to trees is that instead of selling or giving the 10000g they produce, use the very handy Seed-Maker to make 2 bags per fruit your tree makes. You will get the Hors de voure option will which allow you to cook Sashimi, and the ingredient is ONE fish.

I say no ecn you will get a lot of money real fast and you will be able efon buy all the expensive stuff really early. Though some of the fish are very cheap, they can be more valuable due to the skill of cooking. Give him cheap flowers everyday, he will always be around his house either chilling or playing his guitar. If you don’t want to sell the bags right away, plant those seeds and the next seasons you will have even more trees!

Although I cannot answer all of them, I will try to answer most.