Full-size — Mid-size — The “Swing-Away” steering wheel became an option in As the muscle car market took shape, Ford built a small number of Fairlane two door hard tops prepared for drag racing during the season. The mid-sized model spawned the Australian-built Fairlane in , although in that market it was considered a large car. Please join me in making a gift to support the Portal to Texas History!

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The Cobra was introduced in as a competitor for Plymouth’s Road Runner. The Ford Fairlane is an automobile model that was sold between and by Ford in North America. Styling-wise, inek-5000ss new grille and headlight bezels were introduced, the tail fins were dropped, some chrome decorating on the side was changed, and the shape of the trunk lid changed.

Retrieved 4 December The “Swing-Away” steering wheel became an option in The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this page using optical character recognition software: The notable addition for the model year was a Ranchero pickup as part of the Fairlane range from tothe Ranchero was based on the Falcon, while in it used the Fairlane platform but Falcon styling.

Fora new style gave a longer, wider, lower, and sleeker look with enx tailfins. Exterior identification was by fender-mounted “V” badges that read ” High Performance”.


The Portal has brought Texas’ history to my fingertips, further augmenting my class presentations, with key images that inspire students and ek500ss lively discussion.

Ford Fairlane (Americas) – Wikipedia

Minor trim changes were e,-500ss for as the Fairlane was mildly facelifted. The two-door Victoria hardtop featured a new and slimmer roofline. A new top-level full-sized model was introduced at mid-yearthe Ford Galaxie. The XL, GT, and GTA packages were introduced, as well as a convertible to join the existing range of sedans, hardtops, and station wagons.

Archived from the original on August 16, Ford saw the problem and introduced two pillarless hardtop coupes forin Fairlane and Sports Coupe trim.

For and later Sports Coupe models, the center console, which had come from the Falcon parts bin forwas changed to be similar to that of the Galaxie.

A one-year only two-door station wagon, the Ford Parklanefeatured Fairlane-level trim. The car was similar to the American model except ek-5000ss engines. Many are still raced.

For the model year the Fairlane name replaced the Crestline as Ford’s premier full-sized offering. View a full description of this newspaper. Ek-500sss time, the name referred to a number of different cars in different classes; the Fairlane was initially a full-sized car, but became a mid-sized car from the model year. Fairlanes were primarily sold as base level trim models for fleet use taxi, police.

Two different two-door coupe models were offered. This series included a two-door sedan which was not ek-50ss in the higher trim lines. Retrieved June 23, Retrieved October 3, Fellow researchers, as a scholar, historian and professor emeritus at Austin College, I have taught and written about Texas history for more than four decades.


The Squire wagon a fake woodie was available for only, including one model with front bucket seats. This issue can be searched.

For the first time, the lower-level Custom line had a shorter wheelbase than the Fairlane.

Ford Fairlane (Americas)

Torino through and both base Fairlane and upscale Fairlane used the “base” Torino grille. In doing this work, I’ve relied extensively on primary source materials to help illustrate and bring the rich history of our state alive. The new proportions and modern styling were a hit with customers to the extent that the Ford outsold Chevrolet in for the first time since The mid-sized model ek-500s the Australian-built Fairlane inalthough in that ek-5000ss it was considered a large car.

For this reason, I personally support the Portal to Texas History, because I love the great state of Texas and its rich, colorful history.