If you’re looking for manual controls, you’ll find just two. The FinePix Ffd has an average bundle. The monitor can be difficult to use at times in direct sunlight. Compare These Fujifilm XF. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted

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This fast infrared communication technology makes getting those photos out of your camera a breeze.

You can also switch over to “Manual”, which keeps the camera in charge of the exposure but lets you adjust exposure compensation, metering mode, white balance, ISO, etc. An additional maximum of 8.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s At the same time, as someone who has used all of the models in the F-series, I’m disappointed with the direction Fuji has taken the line in recent years in terms of low light shooting, battery life,etc. There is an approximately 8.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Texarkana from Great Camera – Discontinued??? F100fc any errors on this page? And with the flash, results are almost too bright in some areas. There are also loads of other features like a Dynamic Range adjustment, an intelligent Face Detection system that can detect even partially-turned or upside-down faces, a host of preset Scene modes and IrSimple technology for wireless connection.

Ffd vs RX VI. While it’s pretty minor, you may encounter some blurring at the edges of the frame on the Ffd.

FUJIFILM FinePix Ffd Digital Camera B&H Photo Video

Additionally the camera can provide astounding sensitivity capability at lower resolutions with up to ISO and ISO available at 3MP resolution. Thankfully, the Ffd has a fancy, automatic redeye removal system, which does away with this annoyance! The former toggles the information shown on the LCD and “backs out” of menus, finrpix the latter enters Playback mode. Keeping in mind that not all of these options are available in every shooting mode, here’s the complete list of record fineplx options:.


Design The F feels slimmer than its F series predecessors due to the subtly curved styling. Previously unseen details in the shadows emerge.

Fujifilm FinePix Ffd Review – DigitalCameraReview

The not-so-bad news is that ISO adjustment obviously has less of an impact on image quality in cameras with better high-ISO performance, which the Fuji is reputed to have.

Can’t say enoug – am very happy with this camera! The lens is not threaded, and conversion lenses and filters are not supported. There is more noticeable noise in the crop, and an even larger bump between andbut the full frames still look pretty good. Add to that the fujifiilm of Fujifilm’s Picture F100td Technology, and increased clarity and sharpness is achieved, even in low light conditions or when shooting moving subjects.

FinePix F100fd (Discontinued Model)

It’s also small, pocketable, and nice to look at. The nose is a bit out-of-focus poor depth-of-fieldand since I can’t adjust the aperture, there’s not much I could do about that. ISO still looks relatively good as a full frame, but clearly distressed as a crop, and is the choice of last resort.

One con I would mention is the somewhat clunky user interface compared to the Canon series, but it’s just an extra click or two, so the issue is somewhat minor.


It’s well put together in most respect, with only the plastic tripod mount causing me to grumble a little. Fujifilm now takes you beyond ultra sensitivity and extends dynamic range for photos with more detail in both shadow and highlights. Finepi tiny, but it’s an interesting display. On the upside, in Fireworks mode, you do have the option of manually controlling the shutter time up to 4 seconds, regardless of whether Long Exposure mode is enabled or not.

In the middle of this fjuifilm uncluttered space sits a zippy scroll wheel, which doubles as a clickpad.

Though we don’t give fujigilm a full recommendation for consumers for its insufficient low light performance, we think it’s a good enough option if you agree to use flash indoors. Hue accuracy was pretty good, with only minor shifts in color such as cyan toward blueand we found pleasing results across a broad range of subjects. Flash performance was generally good in the Ffd, although I found I could reduce the number of dark shots by using an auto setting that allowed the camera to vary the ISO between and or andversus setting a fixed low ISO sensitivity.