Also, I keep system restore shut off, so you might have to do that I don’t know if it would overwrite otherwise Hope this helps. Forums New posts Trending Search forums. I tried the adaptor on the old pad and it did not work, just like Interact said would happen. Select digital pad in the options to use both sets. And when I say options, I mean options. You cannot assign anything to the D-pad in epsxe, because it is, under WinXP, just a hat.

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I can’t even get the digital pad to work I’m thinking it could be lack of drivers again, but I’m not sure.

FREE: Interact Hammerhead FX USB gamepad

For the rebooting problem, I did not encounter the drivers being replaced. User profile for user: Dual analog and vibration feedback – What else could you ask for?

I actually like the extra weight and size, especially after dealing for years with undersized, tiny, finger-mashing controllers. Sidewinder gaming devices work great on the game port! As for the buttons, I prefer to use the top ones as R1-L2, the first hammerhwad buttons on in each row as the buttons it makes them close eqivilents of the PSX onesand the last 1 in each row for start and select.


hammerhead FX Rumble to usb

Otherwise it’ll wipe out the settings. Select digital pad in the options to use both sets. It is a driver issue.

Let that finish and then go into the device manager. Yes, you’ve got to buy your own batteries if you want the thing to jiggle, but other than that setup is a snap, uammerhead least in terms of Windows.

Now, there’s a catch to this method. Do you have to unplug it hammeghead time you shut down the machine? The HammerHead worked perfectly, and I loved the analog joystick control for the players, especially when it came to aiming.

Don’t take adequate for – sucks This will prevent windows from finding an old driver and replacing it. For some reason Microsoft: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

Feb 14, 9: The advantage of having a gamepad that is configurable, is that if you don’t like the location of a particular function, you can reassign it to another button.

Searches for a Mac driver have turned up nothing. Maybe its due to the fact that I plug mine into my usb ports on my keyboard?!?! When it installs, you will get two file not found errors. I’m running XP pro, and have been able to change it.


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An updated version of the original Xbox controller, the Hyperkin Duke Wired F-usb is big, bad, and ready for action. If this happens then I sugest removing all the “. My “hunt and click” method of finding out how to make it worked, served me well as I played with all of the options.

And I really can’t wait for the drivers so Fx-uzb can test out the force feedback. How’d you get the win2k drivers to work?

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I have this gamepad too and have the same problem in WinXP. I think it was great that this gamepad doubles as a Gameport and USB – it gets old buying a controller that only works on my latest technology machines, causing my kids to look at me with puppy dog eyes begging for a computer upgrade. The software installation went smooth, and the paper manual included easy to follow instructions with several pictures to help along hwmmerhead way.

Yes, you are correct.