Combined with the f2. The C20 decisively corrects that, presenting consumers with a truly easy-to-use digital camera having excellent image quality, good ergonomics, and an affordable price. As described below, the slow blink indication of this same LED means “slow shutter speed”. A bright optical finder is located slightly to the left of center on the back panel of the camera, and a 1. The first screen you see is a selection menu asking what function you want to execute, with the default being “Review Pictures.

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They’ll be removed from the active selection, but the original files aren’t deleted from the camera or hard drive. The end result is often that the images stay in the computer, rather psckard being shared with the family.

It offers a total of five operating modes, including auto, auto red-eye reduction firing a pre-flash to close-down subjects pupils, reducing the dreaded “red eye” efectalways on “fill” flashalways on with red-eye reduction, and always off.

HP PhotoSmart C20 (1998)

This is a very broad range, but in actual use, we found we could achieve entirely adequate exposures at light levels as low as EV ! All this really means is that the exposure-adjustment control works just as you’d expect it to, regardless of whether you’re using flash or not.

Photoemart flash-mode options, and the image-quality control remember their settings between times the camera is powered on.

We mentioned the ergonomic, curved housing of the camera in caera overview: HP Digital Cameras Photosmart We confess that we’d have liked a better provision for controlling slide shows interactively, via the button controls. At closest approach, the camera captures an area of 6. Dibital means it likes a LOT of disk space to run with, on our system, insisting on at least 65 megabytes of free disk space before it would consent to operate. Since you can copy unmodified images back onto the card, you can assemble a series of images to use as part of a presentation, and be self-contained save for a video display device of some sort.


This may be a limitation for some folks with older systems, but with hard drive prices as low as they are these days, it’s pretty cheap to dramatically upgrade your system’s capacity. However, we found that the shutter response is nearly instantaneous if you pre-focus by half-pressing the shutter button first.

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

The highest-quality images take about 3 seconds to come up on the screen, while “standard” quality ones take only about a second. In autofocus mode, this delay stretches photosmaart upwards of two seconds. Review Mode As mentioned above, review pac,ard is entered by pressing the purple back-panel button with the lens cover closed.

A final review-mode menu option activates the “slide show” function that cycles through all the images in the camera, displaying each for a fixed amount of time. One, two, or three green diamond icons ;ackard along the bottom of the display, indicating the quality mode the image was captured in.

If you want different-sized prints of a single image though, you’ll need to set up each size as a separate print job; only a minor effort. When you scroll past the end of the 9 images shown on the screen, the camera will display a fresh set of 9 on the screen for you to select from. The color tools are similarly intuitive: A color display on the rear panel of the digital camera enables users to preview photos they want to take. Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart scanner, and the system seen as a whole, including the PhotoSmart photosnart.


The C20 did moderately well in macro mode, hampered somewhat by the combination of its moderately hewllett 39mm equivalent lens, and relatively meager close-focusing distance of 8 inches 20 cm.

HP PhotoSmart C20

Frame rate, resolution, and image sharpness are average among similar cameras. LCD” viewfinder dilemma by providing both: Programs exist that will gang-up prints of a uniform size, to print multiples of 2, 3, 4, or more images per page of output, but generally their capabilities are limited to printing the same number psckard copies each image, all at the same size.

This is a apability we’ve generally found more useful than we first expected: Comments, issues, or heaven forbid an error in the review? After all of our focus on the Photofinishing software, we feel like we’re packarrd the other package included with the C20 camera, Microsoft’s Picture It. In this review, we’ll cover their C20 digital camera.

If the light level is too low for the autofocus to operate, a red LED next to the viewfinder will blink rapidly. The program will display thumbnails of all the images, allowing you to select the ones you’re interested in. The fact that such pictures could be obtained with little attention to manual exposure adjustments or white balance correction speaks well of the C20’s suitability as a general-use digital camera for consumers. Campared to the cheapo 5 megapix no-name company camera, this 1 MP camera is really amazing in pic quality.