By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Windows 7 – 64 BIT Processor: Lift and remove the display assembly out of the computer base. A list of results appear on the screen. If you do not hear the click, remove the memory module and reinstall it. I nsert the Mini-Card connector at a degree angle into the connector on the system-board.

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DELL Inspiron 14 N Laptop Windows 7 64bit Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

Turn the display panel over and place it on a clean surface. Removing the Palm-Rest Assembly 1. Using a plastic scribe, gently pry the coin-cell out of the battery socket on the system board. Lift the coin-cell battery out of the battery socket on the system board.

Depending on the configuration of the computer when it bluetoth sold, the Mini-Card slot may or may not have a Mini-Card installed.

Recommended 4n050 The procedures in this document may reguire the following tools: Disconnect the camera cable from the connector on the camera module. Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the securing clips on each end of the memory-module connector until the module pops up.


Follow the instructions from step 5 to step 6 in Replacing the Hard Drive. Follow the instructions from step 3 to step 8 in Removing the Palm-Rest Assembly.

Some cables have connectors with locking tabs; if you are disconnecting this type of cable, press in on ihspiron locking tabs before you disconnect the cable. See Replacing the Memory MQdule s.

Removing the Battery 1. If you ordered a wireless Mini-Card with your computer, the card is already installed.

Failure to do so may result in damage to the computer. See Removing the Camera Module. Removing the Power Button Board 1.

I nformation in this document is subject to change without notice. Lift the hard-drive bracket away from the hard drive. What will happen depends on the exact driver and hardware.

Replace the memory module s. To ensure maximum cooling for the processor, do not touch the heat transfer areas on the processor thermal cooling assembly. Your Mobile number has been verified! Let us wish you a happy birthday! Make a note of the display cable routing and peel the cable from the back of the display panel. Replace the two screws that secure the hard-drive bracket to the hard drive.


Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Slide the battery lock latch to the unlock position until it clicks into place. Connect the fan cable to the connector on the system board. The connectors are keyed to ensure correct insertion. Save the original packaging for storing or shipping the hard drive.

Bluetooth Adapter problem in Dell Inspiron N

See Replacing the Mini-Card. For information on the type of memory supported by your computer, see the Specifications at support. To loosen the ZIF socket, use a small, flat-blade screwdriver and rotate the ZIF-socket cam screw counterclockwise until it comes to stop. Before working inside your computer, read the safety information that shipped with your computer. Ensure that the computer is turned off.