The latter spills with a broader spread of flavours and greater body. It perfectly captures the tone colors and shades of emotional energy. The biggest changes—systemic changes affecting the very base of the sound and its structure—have been effected by jitter-limiting procedures. For Windows XP, 7 or 8 a driver is available. Then we get dense treble, a correct cymbals body with true weight. You should remove all old crap. Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex.

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Whilst your unit was in transit we evaluated the and decided to deliver both options”.

We have tried to avoid this until such a time that this technology is rock stable and here the original hiFace was the most proven contender. A head-to-head between Product Hex and the Auralic Vega is penciled in for early In addition, very high quality clock oscillators mt2ech used to get Jitter at the lowest possible level. Few speakers can do it well even fewer amps.

Also, the form was adapted in such a way so that the new board is m2ttech applicable for the existing hardware.

No drivers are necessary with either Mac and Linux computers, while a single standard driver is required for Windows computers. My impression is that over many years of reviewing CD players, SACD and audio files, I see changes introduced by successive improvements and new technologies forming a fairly clear pattern.


Especially those who purchased this DAC recently will have the opportunity to upgrade for a special price. Microdynamic shifts were rendered with similar inside-out pressure.

Think about it more carefully then. Being a late 80’s production, this record often displays hints of that era’s shiny-polished production glare.

USB DAC 1 – Hi-Resolution System

It began with the deep voice of Nosowska on her song “Kto”. The single-ended outputs on my review unit differed from Srajan’s. Considering the ooem I was intending to buy a hiFace then a coaxial-to-optical adapter, though it sounds like a mess Carat Ruby only has optical digital input.

The shape of Young’s guitar was drawn first with transient edge, then filled with deeply saturated tonal colours. The Hex exposed an abundance of timbral information obfuscated by the Micromega unit. The tone of a well clocked device is m2ttech, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated and more natural.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

m2gech So much for the introduction. Alternatively, could try to see out a Firestone Audio Bravo: M2Tech promised to write a new one quick smart but six months down the line they have yet to deliver on that promise. Here I dug the Hex’s nod to warm stickiness.

Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. They usually distort it or don’t show it at all. HiFace looks like a small USB pendrive, featuring a very compact size.


Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex. The takeaway from this takeaway meal is that you have seasoning options at order time. Happy to be corrected on this. There are some cheapies knocking about on eBay here: Hi, we have done the driver for Linux and two weeks ago we have decided to write the driver for Maverick. Perhaps, but a frustrated customer is a frustrated customer; but I take yr point about the inherent risk of relying on the future compatibility of existing drivers.

metrum-OEM-products | Metrum Acoustics™ GLOBAL

Audirvana’s integer mode isn’t possible with any Mk1 hiFace but even disabling that check box still couldn’t coax sound.

Balanced connectivity and the ability to run sample rates up to kHz make this already compelling proposition a damn-near must have. It’s not usual to combine such expensive equipment with relatively cheap gear. Taking into account the technological contents and changes in music playback mode, the mission of M2TECH is to offer, in the form of equipment and software packages for domestic entertainment, a pleasant and easy access to audio contents with regards to new methodologies, and to guarantee a high quality of the exploitation experience.